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Xfinity x 72andSunny New York

Here's one way to catch a winner:

History was made when Jessie Diggins, along with teammate Kikkan Randall, won USA's very first Olympic gold medal in cross-country skiing. With the commercial, “3 AM in Afton”, Comcast and ad agency 72andSunny New York shows us the beauty and excitement of going for the gold in advertising.

While still in the 2018 Winter Olympics spirit, today's ad brings you another inspiring move from creatives. If you didn't catch Jessie Diggins and her sprint freestyle skiing partner, Kikkan Randall win the gold, don't you worry because we have you covered. Simply watch the one minute spot by Comcast to experience it.​

This is why I'm a fan:

With incredible diligence, Comcast was able to give the US, fresh new footage that had only been available to South Koreans due to the time difference -- making it seem like Americans were watching a "real-time integration" happening.

72andSunny New York's Creative Director, Nick Kaplan explains how they did it:

“Leveraging the partnership between Comcast and NBC, we had the ability to innovate within the traditional Olympic media space by updating our commercials with relevant footage from the games in close to real time. Due to the time difference from Korea to the U.S., we knew Jessie won gold the morning of the race airing on NBC. We jumped into action and spent that day working with the amazing people at NBC and Comcast updating the race footage featured in the commercial. We were able to create a piece that felt truly in the moment and continued the celebration of Jessie’s amazing accomplishment.”

It's such a clever, well thought-out, and flawless execution, it only took one person to wake up, get inspired and act. I'm talking about the creative (EVP, Chief Communications Officer, D'Arcy) who got the crazy idea to update the ad -- that had already been built around Jessie and her inspiring journey from her small town Afton, Minnesota -- with footage from Jessie's signature victory.

The ad was meant to highlight Jessie but remember, Jessie wasn't expected to win. So this really speaks on the excellence and love for creativity and innovation from Comcast. They didn't need to do this. They didn't need to add to their work load given the spot had already been praiseworthy considering it was highlighting someone worthy of praise already. But they went the extra mile to showcase, elevate and honor an athlete's special moment in addition to her upbringing, her hometown, her story. And what a special moment that was; one Jessie, her family, friends and young ladies looking up to her from everywhere, Afton especially, will never forget. How sweet is it though, to now have a commercial to look back on.

I'll add that what we see on this spot is actually what happens in Jessie's hometown when she is competing! They all gather to watch her in a local cafe. It can't get more authentic than that. All this, to simply show us how they take pride in providing their service to everyone -- smallest of towns included.

As Adweek says it:

The win and the gorgeous spot that followed made for a truly seamless blend of sports, pop culture and advertising.

Watching this really does speak on Comcast's mission and makes them believable.

Go Team USA!

Sources: Adweek, Comcast's YouTube Channel

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