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What does your business have in common with a sports team?

The Patriots win, again. As a Bostonian, that is music to my ears.

You don't have to be a Patriots fan or even a fan of the sport to take a play off of their playbook, though. Here's the valuable lesson all business owners should consider:

“Just like in business, a quick win is all very fine. You can borrow from the balance sheet. You can hand out big contracts and bonuses to attract star players. But you mortgage the future. Bill Belichick and Robert Kraft don’t want to win once. They want to win over and over again. They know that’s how you build a fan base, that’s how you build a legacy, and that’s ultimately how you make money.” - Harvard Professor, John Wells

So as you build your brand, consider this play:

1) It starts from the top, so lead with a long-term vision

2) Build a team that understands your philosophy, is teachable and adaptable

3) Commit to excellence

4) Stay motivated

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