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Keep Moving

Toyota x Saatchi & Saatchi

Here's one way to move towards your impossible:

A film by Toyota following the journey of Lauren Woolstencroft whose odds at winning a Paralympic gold metal were almost 1 billion to 1. But she kept moving towards her dream, beating those odds by winning eight gold metals.

This is why I'm a fan:

With it being the Friday following the Super Bowl (congrats to the Philly Eagles), it's only right that a Super Bowl ad gets highlighted, today. We had a few that were enjoyed; some that entertained more than others and some that, definitely, touched us more than others. If you've read any of our previous entries, you will see that 'intentionality' behind creation will always get my attention. With the intent to simply put a smile on our faces, to making us laugh out loud, to making us cry, to making us ponder about something that matters, to so many other powerfully driven reactions. With that, here is one of our favorites, by Toyota and Saatchi & Saatchi -- a film that follows a story that is worth being told.

Here, we watch a glimpse into the life of someone who didn't stop moving towards what she believed, no matter her odds. The "moving" aspect of this ad could go both ways, for me at least. Lauren moved and so did I. I was moved that is -- inspired. I'm not an Olympian, but I am a person with dreams and aspirations. To reach those, I too need to believe in myself and work hard. So the relatability factor -- coming second to being inspired by someone extraordinary -- made me connect with the message. And from a branding perspective? Toyota very beautifully highlighted the Paralympics (Mar 8, 2018 – Mar 18, 2018) while associating "movement" or "moving forward" with their vehicles. But don't all cars move? Well, yes. This is why the question then becomes: Shouldn't there be more meaning other than suggesting they 'move'?

That's what Toyota did differently. They say they are "on a mission to make movement better for everyone." A bold statement that ties it all in. This film was an authentic way to show us this mission without giving us a commercial with one of their vehicles driving down a winding highway surrounded by mountains and a beautiful view. A brand can win big when they don't make their content about themselves but about aspects that showcase who they are and what they represent.

This was creativity with a purpose.

Lauren posted this video on her Instagram account and had this to say about Toyota:

"It’s been a great experience partnering with Toyota on this ad - Toyota believes that mobility goes beyond cars with a vision to reduce barriers and increase access in order to build an inclusive society in which all people can participate. I’m honoured to be a part of this movement!!"

On point.

Sources: Toyota's YouTube Channel, Lauren Woolstencroft's Instagram Account

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