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Top 3 Mistakes You Don't Want to Fall Victim to When Selling a Movie to Distributors

A distributor handles making films available to audiences via cinemas, television networks, and other digital platforms where films are shown. The process of selling your film to a distributor can be complex, but there are some key factors that need to be done to make it happen.

The first step is to find a distributor who is interested in your film. This can be done by reaching out to companies that distribute films (if they accept unsolicited materials) or by attending film festivals and markets where distributors are looking for new titles (and your genre of content). Once you've found a distributor, you need to negotiate a mutually beneficial deal. This deal will include things like how much the distributor will pay for the film and what rights they will have to distribute it.

Once a deal is in place, the next step is to deliver the finished film to the distributor. This usually happens through screening the film at festivals or markets, but it can also be done by sending them a digital copy of the film. Finally, the distributor will need to promote and market the film to get people to go and see it. This involves things like creating trailers, designing posters, and reaching out to press outlets to generate interest. (But read our past blog entries to see more on this.)

Successfully selling a movie to a distributor takes time, effort, creativity, and persistence. If you can find a distributor who is interested in your film, then you will have taken an important step toward seeing your movie becoming available to audiences.

So, you're ready to sell your film. Now, make sure you don't commit these three mistakes:

1. Not doing your research:

It's important to research potential distributors before reaching out to them. You need to know what kind of films they distribute, what their business model is, and whether they would be a good fit for your film. Otherwise, you run the risk of wasting time and effort on distributors who aren't interested in your type of film.

2. Not having a clear sales strategy:

When selling your movie to distributors, you must have a clear sales strategy in place. This means knowing who your target audience is, what specific markets you want to sell to, and what type of distribution deal you are looking for. Show how much you believe in your film by sharing how you believe it can be marketed. Have a well-thought-out strategy for promoting your film before approaching any potential buyers. Without this information, it will be more challenging to find the right distributor for your film.

3. Not being prepared to negotiate:

When you're selling your film, you need to be prepared to negotiate. Be willing to compromise on some points in order to reach a final deal that works for both parties. otherwise, you may find yourself without a buyer at all.

To successfully sell a movie to a film distributor, it is important to be prepared for the process. You need to research your potential distributors carefully (their markets and your film's potential audiences), have a well-thought-out sales strategy, and be willing to negotiate to get the best deal possible. With these in mind, you may be well on your way to getting your film seen by audiences.


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