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The Conversation Never Stops

How do you feel about the digital communication between those who discover, relate, and interact with your brand online?

Ever visit a brand's Instagram account to see a restaurants menu? I have and I always do. In fact, images and also reviews are how I will 'judge' my next purchase/experience. (Like most of us, am I right?)

What does your digital communication say about your brand? What do actual human beings say, about your communication online?

Are you:

1) Owning who you are? (Meaning, are you being consistent with how you address your customers and connect with them? Think about your brand personality, here.)

2) Focusing on connecting with a defined demographic?

3) Making sure your visibility is consistent? (If you're online, where are people finding you? And when they do, do they see consistent activity there?)

4) Addressing negative AND positive reviews?

Here's one of my pet peeves:

When I visit a social media account, notice the engagement from the consumer, yet don't see the brand talking back. And by talking back, I mean actually having a dedicated person in charge of the channels to respond to customers immediately, in real time...or close to real time.

If your business is not quite there yet, understandable. But it's no excuse to neglect this aspect of your business. So do your best to address the above, on a close to ongoing basis. And if you're business has the means to hire someone (or outsource that Community Management position), what are you waiting for?

You should always aim to be as active as your consumers are online.

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