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Traveling Through Scent

Thalys x Rosapark

Here's one way to encourage people to travel:

Rail company, Thalys in partnership with French agency Rosapark brought us #ScentsOfTheCity to the melody of "Those Dark Eyes" (a Romanian Gypsy song).

An experience that was made possible with the help of Drom fragrances and perfume consultant Elisabeth Carre.

They brought Europeans "some 752 tubes containing 16 unique fragrances per city" in an interactive installation.

This is why I'm a fan:

It's adventurous, it's positive, and it's carefree. It's exactly what should be associated with travel. The adventurer you see in the beginning drove that from the very beginning, as he sets out on a quest to obtain the scent that makes each city uniquely special. The "Follow Your Nose to A New Destination" won me over. I believe that must've made it exciting for individuals to explore and learn about what they are attracted to and where they'd go, if they were to follow their scent. Different, huh? As perfume consultant, Elisabeth Carre puts it: "It's this strong connection between emotion and scent that creates the journey." And if that wasn't enough of an incentive to get people excited about adventuring, the installation also provided a knowledgeable hostess that helped people book trips on the spot. With some of the cities presented having been victim to tragedy in the form of terrorism and violence in recent years, using a different sense (smell) also allowed them to "wipe the slate clean to present the cities in a different light".

Thalys aspires to “take away the fear of travel and replace it with the classic romance of travel" and we believe they did just that through this campaign.

Source: Adweek

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