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Shine Out

Sol Beer x Alma Advertising Agency x Amandititita

Here's one way to unite:

Sol (Spanish word for 'sun') Beer makes its debut in the U.S. market with it's tribute to Mexican-American culture with the sounds of Amandititita's original track, "Brillando", which means: shine.

This is why I'm a fan:

Inclusive. That was the first word that came to mind as I watched this ad. Because of its real implication of culture. That's why it's this week's favorite.

One of the variables that I will naturally notice when watching ads, is the realness behind the execution. It's one thing to pick a side to fight for and it's an incredibly different thing to believe what you're preaching because you actually live it and genuinely fight for it. When advertisers/brands attempt to speak on current topics our country and the world is facing through ads -- and it's something we've seen more and more of as of late -- it needs to be real and true and not simply a decision to "join in" for the sake of getting attention "for picking a side to fight on." There's intention with that approach, just not a good and sustainable one. It's not simply a matter of "picking a side" to fight with and making something creative around it. Creativity should be something that happens from the inside-out, and not from the outside-in.

Which brings me to Sol Beer and Alma's partnership:

Although a bit too long, there is so much chemistry happening from start to finish. And it looks like real chemistry between the characters -- making me believe their belief in inclusion. With the heightened focus on Mexico and the boarder wall and with Sol being a Mexican brand, there was absolutely no better way to evoke unity and culture than how the creatives behind this project did it. Sure we've seen dancing and diversity before, but that doesn't mean the idea can't be brought to our screens again. It also takes a lot for a brand to take the high road and I am a firm believer that that was part of the brainstorming session when deciding on this concept. It's not Mexico vs. America; it's Mexico AND America. If unity is the aim, let's unify through our creativity.

This agency very positively debuted their client to the US market with this ad. Well done.

P.S. It's fitting that Alma means "soul"... (From the inside-out indeed.)

P.S.S. Alma very proudly announces on their home page how they are the "Multicultural Agency of The Year. Again." It's one of the first things your eyes are drawn to. But you want to know why this title stood out to me? Because I only came to read that after already believing who they are based on this ad. Right there and then, I already knew their company character. A loud and proud statement is nothing without your silent testimony.

You can tell what motivates and drives someone (whether it be a person/professional, a brand or an agency) when you can confidently assume their character based on their action(s).

Sources: Alma's YouTube Channel, Ads of The World

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