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Benefits of Using This 4 Step Research Approach

Best part about doing research? The 'learning' that comes along with it! It's gratifying to discover new, exciting and sometimes untapped information/consistencies about markets, about people – about anything you/your company is curious about, really! There are research mythologies out there and tons of research platforms where brands can go to gather the data and insights about their consumers.

My personal favorite way of 'getting to know' people? Observation.


Personal conversations the SALT way!

-Selecting the right people, -Asking the right questions, -Listening the right way and -Translating what's heard into the right action Simple + Straightforward.

Nothing beats a real, authentic, and vulnerable conversation with individuals. This is especially when your goal is to make it about THEM, for the sake of intentionally wanting to help THEM.

So, make sure you are observing, listening, learning, understanding, and then adapting what you offer to your audience's needs and expectations. Your communication will be effective and your connection will be possible.

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