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Remaining Relevant in The Eyes of Your Audience

Let’s face it, clutter is all around us. There is an excess of everything, everywhere we look. Tons of information, tons of content, and tons of solutions for nearly every problem we may have. It’s more challenging than ever to remain relevant. But clearly, it’s possible. And we can name several brands that have successfully done this. And do so on a global scale.

Here, we will talk about something that we don’t usually talk about. Why? Because it takes a different kind of mindset to go in this direction. It’s why we saved it for last. So to end our 4-part video series on “Global Appeal,” here’s the number one thing you can consistently do to remain relevant in the eyes of your audiences.

To remain relevant:


But also Innovate…

What’s the difference?

You can adapt and stay ahead of the curb by incorporating already known and established systems and solutions for your audience, as expected shifts happen. Or you can innovate and stay ahead of the curb by going beyond the known systems and solutions to find new systems and solutions for your audience.

Markets are ever-changing and the needs and behaviors of your audience are ever-changing. Remain consistent and authentic through your brand initiatives, but also ensure that your communications and creatives fit the expectations of the markets you’re targeting.

The world and everything in it, is continuously evolving.

Be present while always looking ahead and keeping up with what’s happening locally.


With the help of your local researchers.

Audiences are more diverse than ever. Don’t simply divide them into demographic. You must dig deep to understand the cultures within the cultures and why your audience does what they do. Get to the root of their languages, customs and their behaviors and what drives them. Immerse yourself to see things as they do.

Always adapt your brand to the changing markets and if you have it in you (which you do) innovate for your changing audiences.

Be the trendsetter. Be the thought leader. Be the one that does it first.


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