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The Journey To...

Penny x Serviceplan Group

Here's one way to make the first move:

The holidays never looked so real for some in this ad by supermarket chain in Germany, Penny and their agency, Serviceplan Group.

This is why I'm a fan:

Can we talk about how amazing it is that this ad was for a supermarket chain? That alone was brilliant. Here are two reasons why:

  1. Brand Association: Supermarkets. They sell items that feed us. Who do we see in supermarkets? Everyone -- the individuals preparing to feast with families, the individuals purchasing to prepare a feast with friends, and the individuals who purchase to feed themselves. When are supermarkets the busiest? You got it. The holidays. So what did they do here? They made the association between their brand, what they do (feed people) through what they sell (food) -- with the right 'feelings' behind what the holidays are actually all about: Not one feeling, but several, depending on who you are and what your circumstances are.

  2. Brand Personality: Sincerity. Granted, I have yet to shop at any of the Penny stores, I can confidently make out their personality as a brand that cares. Ironically enough, a motherly trait.

In essence, the holidays are meant to transmit love, peace, tranquility, togetherness and it's "meant" to be bright and festive. Or at least that's the messaging around it. Hence why we are all very much used to seeing happy go lucky, bright ads as the holidays near. The truth for many; however, is that that messaging isn't their reality. And their holidays may in fact, be a bit darker. So it's appreciated when a brand can manage to do things differently for the sake of tugging at our heart strings a bit differently.

Here, we see "the other side" being portrayed in a very real and touching way. We see a mom and daughter's relationship being mended after the mom decides to make the move to journey on to her daughter. If you have ever tried to make amends with someone, you will know that the journey we saw the mom "metaphorically" go on, was pretty spot on. Because isn't it true that whether it's the noise in-between our ears in the form of fear or the pride and excuses in front of us, obstacles will come at you when you go on the journey less traveled? Asking for forgiveness takes courage and it takes action. It's not easy because you can't control the outcome. And that outcome will most likely scare you away from making the first move. But it's also true that everything that is worth it, will come at a higher sacrifice. The sacrifice? Denying one's self.

May we all empathize with those less fortunate this holiday season; those without families or those who have lost loved ones. And those who find themselves in the same predicament as this brave mom? May we not take for granted what the less fortunate wished they had this holiday season...

Face your fear of rejection today and take the journey to your loved one(s).

Sources: Adweek, Serviceplan Group's YouTube Channel

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