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PART 2: Film Distributors Should Do This Before Marketing Their Newly Acquired Film

So, we know that a distribution company needs to plan and execute accordingly. And yes, with the right approach, a film's promotional campaign can ultimately reach its audiences. But there is one thing a film distributor needs to do before securing the festivals, before the marketing, and before hiring a marketing team (or creative ad agency). The first step is:

Getting to know who the audience is.

That is: The primary, secondary and tertiary audiences.

Identifying the audience of a newly acquired film, first, is of utmost importance. Once that audience is identified, the next step is to gain an understanding of how to plan and strategize to reach them through the marketing efforts.

A key element of a marketing campaign that does its job is a deep understanding of the target audience. Without this critical piece of information, it is difficult to know what messaging will resonate and also which channels will be most effective in reaching potential viewers. Additionally, insights can help distributors decide which festivals or events to target for screenings, as well as which reviewers to focus on when promoting the movie.

Ultimately, insight into your audience is what every film distributor needs to find success with their newly acquired film. And remember, it's not about simply gathering data about your audience. Any artificial intelligence platform can give you data. It's in understanding how to read that data, grab the insights, and translate them into actionable strategy. Without this key information, it’s difficult to create a campaign that will connect with any audience. By focusing on the needs, preferences, and behaviors of a target audience, however, film distributors can feel confident about their initiatives.


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