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PART 1: What Film Distributors do to Market Their Newly Acquired Film

Your distribution company has just acquired the rights to a new film. Its job is to now make sure people see it. This blog entry will cover the most important step before marketing any project.

Before we do that, however, let's look into the typical actions distributors typically take to market a new film.

1. Secure screening opportunities at festivals: By securing high-profile screenings at well-regarded film festivals or other industry events, film executives can get their film in front of possible buyers. It can also generate publicity, through what people are saying (or awards the film is winning), which can be used in the marketing strategy.

2. Build and execute a marketing plan: Film distributors must build interest and buzz around their films to get them seen by as many eyeballs as possible once it is released. The process generally includes hiring a creative ad agency to help with the campaign in the form of paid advertising, effective partnerships, and social media strategy. A marketing campaign is needed to build awareness of a film. So whether the planning is built in-house or a creative ad agency is outsourced, this team is needed as they become responsible for developing the imagery and the messaging, along with establishing the aesthetics throughout every initiative that represents the film.

Overall, if film distributors want to successfully reach their fans online, they need to focus on creating great content and engaging with fans in meaningful ways. If they can do this, then they'll be well on their way to building a strong and loyal fan base.

But there is one thing a film distributor needs to do. Before securing the festivals, before the marketing, and before hiring a marketing team (or creative ad agency). Come back next week...


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