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What You See Is What You Get...Literally

Nikon x Altmann + Pacreau

Here's one way to put the healthy and unhealthy to work for good:​

In this clever campaign by Nikon Verres optiques (or Nikon Lenswear), French agency Altmann + Pacreau created the “Vision Food Truck" in an effort to both promote the brand and trick people into getting eye tests [through ordering food from a menu that doubles as an eye test].

From top to bottom, the menu lists the condiments of a burger like lettuce and pickles in large font and gets smaller with the more sought after ingredients like cheese and beef patty. If the customer "fails," they’re provided a vision test in an accompanying truck.

This is why I'm a fan:

I loved how "in 10 days, 5000 people were invited to test their eyesight and eat for free." It was an interactive and effective experience with an intent behind it that many could've probably not 'seen' as a priority which was of course, getting their eyes checked. It proved how important it actually is, and also how simple it is. The fact that there were no losers during this experiment was also a plus.

Source: Adweek

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