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Microsoft Xbox x 215 McCann

Here's one way to experience power:

Set to be released November 7th, Xbox -- alongside 215 McCann -- teases us with their latest ad for their console Xbox One X showing us just how powerful (40% more) it is in comparison to others.

This is why I'm a fan:

Very simply: It made me want to play video games. Am I a "gamer"? No, not at all. I don't own a gaming device nor do I plan on owning one anytime soon. I also don't know a thing about video game consoles -- i.e. the comparison of power or lack there of isn't something I think about or compare with others.

But it caught my attention nonetheless.

The diversity in the casting, the close ups, the song choice (Kanye West's 'Power'), the different words popping up to describe the various feelings one could experience while playing, and of course the quick cameo of The New England Patriots wasn't a bad touch. (Say's diehard NE Patriots fan.)

I'm sure others also felt the "power" Xbox and McCann conveyed via this one minute spot. There's a true cinematic feel to it. The marketing within the spot was also great. Yes, by definition, ads should be a part of a strategic marketing ploy. But when the "Feel True 4k" pops up towards the end, it brings it all together. And you truly believe it after having watched what 4k looks like. I now know which console is the best and although I'm not the "intended" audience, I can possibly speak to someone who is.

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