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Good Vibes Only

Life Is Good x The Garden x Thinkingbox

Here's one way to see what happy thoughts looks like:

How powerful are our thoughts? Well, apparel brand, Life is Good shows us in their latest stunt using [happy] brainwave patterns to turn on a tap and fill a glass of water.

This is why I'm a fan:

With a mission to inspire us all to live our best life, Life Is Good is all about 'optimism'. "Spread the power of optimism" is how they tie it all together in their mission statement.

Having recently been to Canada (the audience this ad is primarily intended to), and having experienced the culture and its people, it can be said that this stunt was intended for the right audience -- Canadians are by far some of the nicest group of human beings I've met. What Life Is Good did was reinforce what the audience already practiced in their every day (kindness, optimism, etc.). When a brand reinforces an already familiar thought (pun intended) through their campaigns and experiences, it drives the focus without any disruptions or distractions. Canadians were the perfect audience for this "experiment."

Consistency and a touch of innovation is necessary for brands to succeed. And Life Is Good is doing just that by incorporating technology to connect audiences to their almost 30 year-old brand.

I'm a fan of Life Is Good. And I'm an even bigger fan for what they are doing through their Life Is Good Kids Foundation, where they donate 10% of their annual net profits to help kids in need.

Sources: Life is Good's YouTube Channel and Facebook Page

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