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First Thing To Do If You're Launching Something New

Are you working on something new?! There are tons of 'specifics' that you'll need to focus on when you start building a brand. But there's one very important place that you should start from and never lose sight of...

"Be particular. Never sell anything you would not want yourself." -- Bernard Kroger

Start by asking yourself the following questions:

1) What's the HEART behind what you want to do?

2) Why do you want to do it?

3) How will you do it differently?

And by "how will you do it differently" I mean:

Why should #1 and #2 matter when there are already others in that same space already? And if you're tapping into an entirely different space, the question still remains the same: How will you do it differently? How will you do business, differently? How will you care, differently? How will you serve, differently? And so on...

Here's a tip:

Write out your story. Everything that comes to mind as you think about your journey, write it down; your past, your present, and even look into the future! Write it all down. (You will be surprised at what you can learn about yourself...)

Your brand has its own story to tell. We all know this. So naturally, if your story is told the way only YOU/YOUR BRAND can tell it, it becomes YOURS. That story then exudes its own beauty and uniqueness. This is ultimately what will get people to resonate with it, connect with it, and well...engage with it. And yes, 'engage' also means "buying". Because you want to build a business, after all. And for any business to thrive, making sales/transactions is a necessity.

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