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For All Ages

Intel x Burson-Marsteller

Here's one way to see a dream:

A partnership between Intel and Burson-Marsteller made dreams become a "reality" with the appropriation of Virtual Reality. A Public Relations led social investment campaign that brought seniors from an elderly home (Solar das Mercedes) in Brazil to tears as they realized their travel dreams and relived memories.

This is why I'm a fan:

You say 'seniors'; I say: tissue please. There's no going around it; projects like this one will always pull on my heart strings which ultimately tugs on the tear ducts...

The purpose behind this is kind, warm, and thoughtful. It's a brand experience with individuals who don't have any buying power anymore. It was also an experience that allowed the brand an opportunity to show what they can do outside of what it's been associated with among the younger and more entertainment driven crowd. Purposefully, this Intel Virtual Reality Project's objective is to bring to the surface the benefits technology has to health and welfare. That gives a product meaning. And I like that.

It's in Portuguese and there are no subtitles. For me, it doesn't propose a substantial problem. Maybe because of my Portuguese fluency... but, maybe because I also see it beyond the language it's in. It's the kind of video you really don't need sound to understand and feel what's happening. I can't say you're not missing out on the cute things they say, but not knowing what they are saying can be substituted with the visual.Watching them has the power to make you sympathize, regardless.

Whether to realize a dream or relive a memory...this simple experiment gave deserving people an experience that made them feel special.

Source: BrandCrunch, Razões para Acreditar's YouTube Channel

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