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I Call This The Connection Trifecta

Many businesses struggle to connect with their audience.


Why is that?

Because they neglect the things that are the foundation of a connection.


Okay, that was a given, I know. But let's talk more about this missing connection and what to do to avoid it, shall we?

Let's look into what factors play into a built connection...

Before you decide you want to connect with anyone, anywhere, you have to first understand who those individuals are, correct? And how do you do that? Well, you first need look at the person you're about to interact with, to know how you will proceed. Among physical attributions, you address them based on what you see. And how you deem appropriate.

What is that in a nutshell?

That's observation, first. You observe who they are and then you interact. (Imagine being blindfolded and someone steering you to a complete stranger and instructing you to say something. How will you respond "accordingly and appropriately" without seeing what's in front of you?

In marketing, it's similar. You need to know how to communicate what you want to communicate by first knowing who those individuals are you want to communicate with. This is when culture and behavior comes in.

Essentially, this is what I do here; I help you know who your audience is so that you can communicate your message, effectively. With over 13 years of experience working with businesses in and outside the U.S., my goal is to help your business connect and build long lasting relationships with what I call:

The Connection Trifecta.

Cultural Research. Consumer Insights. Communications Strategy.

No matter where you are in the world, or where your audience is (or where you want them to be), a connection can be made possible, if you know how to get there. And it all starts with getting to know the ones you want to connect with...before you make an attempt to communicate with them.

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