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How To Exercise Your Brand Voice

Brand voice is the purposeful expression of your brand communicated with consistency to engage, influence, and motivate.

How have you been exercising your voice?

If you read our last blog post, you know how to initiate the process of discovering your brand voice. Once you have that down. And by "having it down" I don't mean have it all figured out. I mean that you have a direction of where you'd like to go with your brand. And although this changes as the brand evolves and as your brand grows, you know the heart behind what you want to do through your brand.

What you need to do next is:


Research your market, determine who your demographic is, and everything that will help you get a grasp of where you'll be operating and who you will be serving. You will also need to know who is already out there offering what you are about to offer. You won't be doing this to 'copy' them. (Please don't imitate anyone or any business.) You will be doing this to know what is already out there. And also, answer the question pertaining to what problems they are not solving, that you can solve. This will then become part of your value proposition. Differentiating similar services from one another isn't a simple task. But highlighting your brand promise through what you can offer your audience will attract those looking for that same value.

How do you then exercise your brand voice, you ask? Well, once you know who you are/who the brand is and what it stands for – and also who you want to talk to (i.e. your audience), along with the market you're operating in – you will know how to express the brand through your actions, including your content and tone. You'll know how to communicate with your audience and also how to engage with them.

The soul of your brand, is your voice. You discover it by looking within. And you exercise it by sharing from the inside out.

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