• Anna Goncalves

Exercising Your Brand's Voice – The Soul of Your Brand

Brand voice is the purposeful expression of your brand communicated with consistency to engage, influence and motivate. How have you been exercising your voice -- the soul of your brand?

In case you haven't yet DISCOVERED your brand voice, here goes TWO ways you should start the discovery process. Ready?

1) Talk. 2) Listen. One of the best things I get to do, with a client is engage in conversation with them – having them talk while listening to themselves, and in the process, I too, listen and learn (and take notes). By asking the right questions, they get to dive deeper to feel what resonates with them and what doesn't...

That's when discovery begins to happen and their voice starts finding a direction. If you couldn't tell, here at Projects by AG, it's all about practicality and effectiveness.