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Amor Conquista Tudo

Hospital de Amor x WMcCann Brazil x Zombie Studio x LOUD

Here's the only way to treat people:

A 3 minute animation film ("The Fall") created by Brazil's WMcCann agency presents the challenges a child and their loved ones face while fighting cancer and how the best medicine for treatment is love.

Formerly known as Hospital do Câncer de Barretos (an internationally renowned children’s cancer treatment center) the ad introduces the hospital's new name that evokes a new vision: Hospital de Amor (Hospital of Love).

This is why I'm a fan:

It was above all, touching. The reason it becomes this week's #FavoriteAdFriday is because of how much truth was depicted through animation about a real and debilitating disease. And yes, it also pulled on the "relatable" heart string.

First, let's discuss the rebranding/name change. As Brazilians often say, through paraphrasing the bible: "As palavras têm poder" (Words have power). Rebranding from "Hospital of Cancer" to "Hospital of Love" automatically brings about 'light' into a dark circumstance. A hospital known for treating cancer now associates with the very thing their patients need during their treatments.

All in all, it truly speaks on the reality of going through such a disease. And it does so from the child's perspective from the very moment she is diagnosed. Without words and just a song, it shows how treatment doesn't always look like science. 'Love' is something that doesn't require more than what we all already have: Our heart. It's all on how we use it for and towards others.

And how beautiful to learn that the song “Heart Full of Love” was composed specifically for this project [by Felipe Vassão and Rafa Kabelo, from Loud Studio] and was performed by the North American singer Rebecca Peters. Isn't it intriguing how sometimes words aren't necessary but a song with the right lyrics will make all the difference?

Cancer hit home when I lost one of my best friends -- sister really -- to it. I remember my anger with feeling paralyzed while seeing her in pain. I wanted to miraculously be able to take away from her. What was just as difficult was the attempt to see life through her eyes, because I knew what she was thinking or what she was trying to fight against thinking. How can anyone soothe that? No one really can. But what everyone can do is love. And love hard. November will mark 2 years that my sister was released from her pain. But if there is any consolation I can find in the loss, is that I know, without a shadow of a doubt, that I gave her the truest form of love. She left us knowing that our love was real. It's what I hold onto.

With that, I want to say:

Eu amei esse trabalho, McCann.

E para o Hospital de Amor: Espero que vocês possam ser a diferença e que seus cuidadores possam incorporar essa visão de amar diariamente.

Sources: Adweek, McCann Worldgroup Latam's YouTube Channel

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