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Boy To Man

Harry's x GSD&M x The Representation Project

Here's one way to start a conversation:

Harry's, the New York-based company that manufactures and sells shaving equipment, gives us their take on what it takes to 'be a man' with their short film, "A Man Like You."

This is why I'm a fan:

With the ongoing conversation around Women's Rights, this ad was an unlikely (considering it's about men; not women), yet on-topic discussion Harry's brought to us. It's the reason why I liked it and decided to highlight it this week.

Why on-topic? In recent events that have exposed male predators and sexist/chauvinistic remarks in the media by powerful "men" or popular "men" and even the election of said powerful "man," Donald Trump -- you know, the "crotch grabbing" guy? It's safe to say that the topic of "manhood" needs to be addressed. It's also safe to say that the next generation needs to be a part of that discussion.

Considering that outlook -- for me at least -- the casting of the talented young boy (actor, Cinjin Horst) to depict "the man" was the best creative direction to take.

In a statement by Dale Austin, GSD&M's Creative Director, he says:

“Harry’s believes the outdated rules of masculinity are too narrow for today’s world. Modern men embrace the ‘ands.’ They know they can be strong and nurturing, powerful and sensitive, self-assured and accepting of others. The problem comes not when we embrace the things that make us men, but when we shut ourselves off to an entire half of our humanity. In short, it’s time we stopped asking ourselves what makes a real man and instead ask what makes a good man. The answer, we believe, are the same things that make a good human.”

All in all, amidst tough and meaningful conversations, it's a subtle way to state something powerful:

That it's about being a good human...period.

Source: Adweek

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