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Grolsch x Kubis Interactive

Here's one way to show what your brain feels:

Grolsch -- the official alcohol sponsor of AWAKE festival -- along with Kubis Interactive -- illustrates the importance of disconnecting from the world around us in order to connect with ourselves. The experiment brought out 14 individuals, neuroscience, and technology to prove the power behind music without any other distraction.

This is why I'm a fan:

Firstly, experiments are my favorite. It's true that if a brand is doing their 'branding' properly, they are inevitably giving their consumers an experience. But in the sense of building a live experience for the sake of engaging real participants through the offering of a brand...and doing so strategic and creatively? That's smart. So it's no surprise that I became a fan of this experiment.

AWAKE Festival is an Arts and Music Festival in Gornești, Romania and they describe themselves as: "The festival is looking to offer an eclectic experience, not just concentrating on music, but also celebrating various forms of art and the picturesque outdoors, in a cozy, enchanting, intimate, unique landscape, where everybody is free to express themselves. An explosion of color, vibrancy and joy, visual spectacle and relaxation to the max, with lots of fun and wonderful attractions to keep you on your toes and ready for an adventure."

Is it just me or do the visuals behind the participants look a lot like what AWAKE describes themselves as with words?

What's most impressive is the use of science and art and how well they executed the natural way these two extremes collaborate. Translating brain waves to form art is impressive. And it flawlessly drives the main point of the experiment: How adding music and removing the distractions will make our brains more awake than ever.

Notice too that, no alcohol was needed to drive the main point behind this experiment. As sponsors of the event, Grolsch already co-signs this festival. Meaning, the partnership compliments their brand. Obviously, right? Or else, why would they be a sponsor? Shouldn't ALL brands have a real reason behind their collaborations and partnerships? Well, let's pretend there aren't brands out there spreading themselves too thin for the sake of opportunity and not for the 'intentionality' of staying on brand with their values and mission. (Rant over; moving on). Brands that can execute for their consumers and not for themselves should be the norm in brand marketing.

And how great is it that, a festival that is appropriately named 'AWAKE' proves how "awake" a brain is when engaging in exactly what they offer those who attend their festival? That's what being on brand 'looks' like.

Sources: Awake's Facebook Page and YouTube Page

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