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Nothin' But a G Thang...


In honor of my recent switch "to the other side" it was only right that the last #FavoriteAdFriday would be dedicated to the brand that has been blowing my mind as of late. So let's make this last entry, not only my #FavoriteAdFriday, but also my #FavoriteBrandFriday.

Google had me at John Legend and Chrissy Teigen and their whole "Make Google Do It" campaign.

Way to pull us in with humor and then keep us in and inspired with storytelling at it's absolute finest.

The following story is just one of many from Google...

In Google's words:

"When universally accessible tools and information meet human creativity, aspiration, and resilience, magic happens. A statement that couldn't be more accurate... You can click here to discover many more stories like Tania's and Daniel's. Also visit Google Spotlight Stories to see how Google is telling stories through VR experiences."

And if realness in storytelling wasn't enough, here's Google innovating with humanity in mind. Check the ad below for the new Android app, Lookout, designed to help over 285 million blind and/or visually impaired people gain more independence. It comes to the Play Store later this year.

And let's not forget Google I/O! Their annual developer festival gave us a taste of what's next at Google and it's a pretty long list. Click here to read up on the 100 items that were announced.

Technology is changing how we live. But as Google says through their Digital Wellbeing initiative:

Great technology should improve life, not distract from it. I believe we can all stand by that.

Source: Google's Social Media Channels

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