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Going Global: Top 3 Tips

If there’s a market for your offering, there’s an audience. If you want to effectively market your offering, anywhere around the globe, make it a mission to learn what drives and inspires the audiences in the market you want to expand to.

The importance of local insights starts with the notion that you must think globally and act locally.

1. Connection leads to action.

You cannot lead an audience to take an action toward your offering if you don’t connect with them, first. Every market has its local cultures at play. Understand them so you know how to communicate in a way that will resonate. Don’t think that one size will fit all.

2. Customization.

Provide the same experience cross-culturally while adapting, locally. Segment your target audiences and be culturally aware. Adjust and adapt. Just don’t lose sight of your unique identity in the process.

Oh and there’s one more thing.


To succeed in any market, it’s paramount that you aim to connect with your audiences in customizable ways, according to their needs and behaviors…consistently.


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