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Technology Serves a New Kind of Purpose

Gillette x Grey New York

Here's one way to use technology to encourage real interaction:

Gillette and Grey New York bring us yet another touching "Go Ask Dad" ad. It was released late May in celebration of Father's Day. So, given that this is Father's Day weekend, we couldn't possibly review any other ad on this #FavoriteAdFriday.

This is why I'm a fan:

I am a sucker for ads that are an experience in and of itself -- ads that give us a look into an experiment from the build up all the way to the result. However, another element that makes us incredibly excited about is when brands are confident enough to showcase their message, without making it about their product. Instead, making it about the people who use their products and/or about a 'cause' they are committed to. In this ad's case: Bringing fathers and sons together. Tying their brand into something so special and real makes a beautiful association with their brand.

The fact that Gillette also brings diversity shows pure intelligence. They gave us father-son duos that looked different, had different backgrounds, spoke different languages, but all had the same common denominator which was: the love between a father and a son and the common barrier that may come in between their ability to communicate and engage in a close relationship -- technology. Gillette then comes in, to successfully bridge that gap and pull them towards that closeness. That's purposeful creativity.

Happy Father's Day weekend to all the incredible Dads out there AND incredible [single] Moms who somehow, make taking on both roles look effortless.

Source: CampaignLive

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