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Then + Now

Foot Locker x BBDO New York x Diktator x LGP Qua

Here's one way to bridge the past and the present:

Foot Locker, alongside BBDO New York and Production House Diktator gives us a campaign ('Before and After The Bite') in the form of a music video for up and coming artist, LGP Qua (and his track, 'Hungry'), to promote the Nike Air Max Plus.

This is why I'm a fan:

A shoe store chain of the past just showed us what innovation looks like.

Anyone else see the 90's flash right before your eyes? As someone who strongly believes the 90's will forever be the best decade all around, I'll say that watching this music video/ad made me reminisce. And yes, it made me also reminisce about my trips to Foot Locker as a sneaker head teenager. This clever approach also made it to this week's #FavoriteAdFriday because they are doing something that is applaudable. And that is: How they are applauding local talent by supporting their journeys and dreams.

Look no further than their Before and After Gallery where it's about highlighting emerging artists.

As their initiative suggests, this video contrasts the 'before and after' of 18-year-old rapper LGP Qua's success which ties in perfectly with the overall theme and direction that we see Foot Locker headed towards. They managed to connect Qua's story while presenting the “Before the Bite” and “After the Bite" Nike Air Max Plus sneaker styles effortlessly and tastefully.

It must also be quite the treat for North Philly native LGP Qua being that his first professionally done music video was in partnership with a brand that “was an every other week natural thing for [him] and [his] guys" to go hang out in. Talk about coming full circle...

With a week since this campaign/music video went live, it's looking like Foot Locker is riding quite the wave of momentum. I hope we get to see a lot more of LGP Qua in the near future.

Sources: Adweek, Foot Locker's YouTube Channel

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