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Fire & Ice

Doritos / Mtn Dew x Goodby, Silverstein & Partners

Here's one way to battle it out:

In back-to-back ads totaling 60 seconds, PepsiCo is promoting two new line extensions: the lemon-lime flavored Mtn Dew Ice and the spicy Doritos Blaze. And to do so, they brought us an epic rap battle between Peter Dinklage and Morgan Freeman. Peter, who spits fire for DORITOS BLAZE and the all mighty Morgan giving us icy cold vibes for MTN DEW ICE. Who wins? Well, I think it's safe to say that we all do.

Of course that with the big game right around the corner, our #FavoriteAdFriday will be dedicated to a Super Bowl commercial. It's only right.

This is why I'm a fan:

And my generation says: A. Men! Missy Elliot AND Busta Rhymes BOTH making a cameo? That was surely the 'icing' on the cake -- pun half intended. Anyone else get a flashback of Missy Elliot performing during Super Bowl halftime not too long ago? Anyway, truth be told: If you never tried rapping alongside with Busta or Missy in either one (or both) of these tracks while in your car or in the shower, you either never heard it or you're lying or... I'm judging you hard right now.

Back to the true stars of this performance, though. I certainly didn't expect all of this when I saw the teasers. How impressive were these guys?! They accurately and successfully tackled lip syncing "Look at Me Now" and "Get Ur Freak On" -- only two very lyrically challenging tracks. No big deal.

It was pure entertainment to watch, including the fire and ice taking over which added so much visual stimulation. All in all, this is exactly the kind of attitude and humor that Super Bowl should be all about. Of course, especially if your team made it all the way to the end (cough cough says the Patriots die hard).

Let's also add that the name of the book series that gave us "Game of Thrones" is in actuality, "A Song of Fire and Ice". That's pretty clever considering Peter Drinklage is one of the most memorable and loved characters of Game of Thrones. As for Morgan Freeman? He needs no reason to be invited to do anything, aside from being Morgan Freeman, of course.

Go Pats!

Sources: Ad Age, Doritos' YouTube Channel

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