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Don't Talk About Patriotism...Be About It

Budweiser x VaynerMedia

Here's one way to 'be about' patriotism:

In Budweiser's latest ad, we see one of many military families they've honored through their partnership with Folds of Honor. For this ad, Budweiser summoned the help of Adam Driver who many may not know served our country as a Marine, before his big screen success.

This is why I'm a fan:

For obvious reasons, of course. We see a real story being depicted; a real family being deserving. It was also nice and unexpected for many to get a glimpse of Adam's life as a former Marine. What's always incredible is how many stories are different, yet relatable. If we were to place Army Veteran, John Williams and actor, Adam Driver side by side we wouldn't know what they have in common, in a deeper level. We wouldn't know that these brave individuals both served our country and were both medically discharged. We wouldn't know their stories until they were shared. Vulnerability brings us so close... That's the power of storytelling and that's what I took away from this ad and commend VaynerMedia and Budweiser for the simplicity, yet meaningfulness.

When it comes to Budweiser and their mission, this isn't simply a 4th of July ad for the sake of being opportunistic. It's timely, yes. That's the strategy. But what they actually are doing -- what the ad depicts -- spans outside of the ad. According to Adweek, "last month, ahead of the Memorial Day weekend, Budweiser raised $1 Million for Folds of Honor from the proceeds of every Budweiser America bottle and can sold. Bud has raised $12 million for the nonprofit since 2011."

Brands tend to hop on trends, hot topics and put themselves behind causes and conversations for the sake of gaining attention -- cause marketing for the sake of opportunity instead of purposeful branding for the sake of identity and mission. Not Budweiser. They are committed to this cause and have been consistent in their belief and stance which speaks on who they are. That goes beyond strategy; that says: We're committed to changing the world, one family at a time, one can at a time.

Folds of Honor provides educational scholarships for the children and spouses of fallen and disabled service members.

Get informed. Get involved. Visit:

Source:, Adweek

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