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Developing a Global Identity: Top 7 Questions You Need To Answer

It’s already challenging enough to build a brand identity in ONE market. How do brands do this, successfully, in SEVERAL markets? More specifically, how do brands communicate across different cultures and different languages around the world succinctly?

If you’re a brand currently operating in more than one market, you’re already doing something right. You may want to expand into new territories, or you may want to fortify where you’re currently operating. But no matter what your goals and objectives are, a global brand needs a strong global identity. This short video focuses on the ‘brand’ and the 7 questions that you need to consider. Watch until the end because you need a strategic puzzle piece to be able to see the full picture.

  1. Which market(s) recognize your brand?

  2. What are the main sentiments surrounding your brand in the current market(s) it’s in?

  3. Which market(s) is your brand the strongest in terms of achieving your objectives and why?

  4. When thinking about your global identity, what are the main sentiments you want to be associated with your brand?

  5. How can you position your brand in each market to achieve this global identity?

  6. You have a unique brand message, but how will it be communicated, with the intent to resonate across each market?

  7. What are the advantages, disadvantages, and challenges that you face in trying to establish this global identity (and how can you tackle them?)

You will need local researchers so they can provide you with local insights.


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