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Walls Talking? Well, They Might As Well Become Storytellers Then

Castorama x TBWA\Paris​

Here's one way to answer the question: If walls could talk, what would they say?:

The French home improvement and DIY retailer Castorama, in collaboration with French Ad Agency, TBWA\Paris, answered that by creating a project called ‘Magic Wallpaper’ -- the first interactive wallpaper with characters on it that tell stories. There are dozens of characters on the wall that come to life once scanned on a tablet/smartphone (app is free in the app store). Each character holds their own unique story and can also be combined with other characters to make for more bedtime stories.

Bravo to the agency for coming up with these characters and the topics they cover -- love, friendship, school, family, etc.

This is why I'm a fan:

It's innovative and interactive. With an invention like this, it makes sense for the ad to be one that shows, step by step, how the product is used -- especially being the first of it's kind. The warm song playing in the background along with the animation made for a fun spot to watch. It was also nice to see a daddy-daughter combo with Father's Day right around the corner.

Sources: Castorama Website, Adweek

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