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A Silent Spot That Speaks Volumes

Bufdir x Kitchen

Here's one way to make a point without saying much:

The Norwegian Directorate for Children, Youth and Family Affairs’ (Bufdir) brings us "The Lunchbox" with creative assistance from Norwegian advertising agency Kitchen Leo Burnett. It's meant to encourage locals to become fosters.

This is why I'm a fan:

First off, what a simple way to showcase an epidemic that isn't a Norwegian problem, but in fact, a worldwide problem. When a spot is directed towards a specific region of approximately 5.3 million people (population in Norway), yet can effortlessly translate across several? That's what having "the big picture" looks like. To me, it translates into a team of creatives having an aim and a purpose.

I'll speak on the casting and talent direction first. I loved how genuine the characters that shared their lunches were. Their facial expression and timing were perfect. It spoke to the truth of how helping someone doesn't mean you should make a "big deal" out of it. Helping means acting on it; no words are needed. And that's what this spot ultimately wants to tell us all. So, to see these kids help...and keep to themselves? Touching. Also speaks on the creative agency's ability to pay attention to details.

Not being able to see the teacher's face when he raises his hand was also spot on. Why? Because we're focused on him and his vulnerability. That leads us to feel his hopelessness and helplessness when he's outside of the classroom, thinking as he looks at the water fountain and then out to nothing.

With that, let's shine some light on the main character, as it's much deserved. What pulled me in was the moment when he asked to leave to wander the hall way to kill time while everyone was eating their lunch. He did a great job transmitting his vulnerability. You don't have to have a child/be related to one or know one to feel a tightness in your chest during that moment and then the moment he opens his lunchbox...stomach. drop.

This one minute video took us on an emotional ride and spoke our language, in our favorite dialect: Simplicity. We experienced the rise, reached the apex, and towards the end, lead us to the resolve.

This is why since it's published day (May 29th), it has gone viral reaching over 100 million people around the world.

Source: Marcomm

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