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Best Way To Tackle Your Company's Weakness(es)

I've heard top-level executives and entrepreneurs complain, time and time again, about what they are bad at or what they lack. I've also heard people call out companies for what they are bad at or what they lack...

We don't have to go too far to read people's thoughts on how a company is doing with their ____ (name the area).

But here's something to encourage all the executives and business owners out there building a brand they want to be proud of but feel their weaknesses are holding them back:

It's great, yes, to be aware of what you're good at and what you're long as you don't dwell on those things.

And yes, complaints from customers are also great! Why? Because it's always an opportunity to grow when you learn/become aware of something (a weakness, or weaknesses) you have the power to address and fix. But then, how can we fix our weaknesses without dwelling on them and letting them interfere with the strengths? Don't complicate it. Simplify it:

- Recognize your weaknesses. - Embrace your weaknesses. - Outsource your weaknesses. Practicality at its best.

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