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Just 'Watch' It

Apple Watch Series 3 + Apple Music — Roll — Apple

Here's one way to roll with it:

With a little help from street freestyle skateboarder, Kilian Martin, Apple gives us euphoria with it's new ad -- showing us the power of music and innovation.

This is why I'm a fan:

Music. Music. Music. Nothing but music and the power behind it via great production value.

"Feel the liberating power of 40 million songs on your Apple Watch Series 3." There is nothing more that should be said --- not in the video description and definitely not during the spot. So Apple gives us the one thing they've been known to give us through years of innovation: Technology and creativity. And leave it to Apple to pick the perfect song to depict the right emotion to pair with the most appropriate visual.

In sync with Labrinth's "Misbehaving," Kilian Martin shows us how liberating it is to be free to misbehave in the best of ways. It's an experience Apple hopes all can experience through the now possible way of streaming music wirelessly through Apple AirPods and the newest Apple Watch Series 3. And can we just talk about how talented Kilian is?! Well, actually, no need to talk about it. Just watch. -- Get it?

Sources: Apple's YouTube channel

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