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Amnesty International Nederland x TBWA\NEBOKO x Hazazah Film & Photography

Here one way to gain insight:

A groundbreaking short film appropriately entitled: “Through the Eyes of a Refugee” documents five people from the Netherlands and Belgium who, under hypnosis, are taken into the journey of a Syrian refugee.

This is why I'm a fan:

It's one way to build understanding through conversations but it's a completely different way to understand through experience. I don't know about anyone else who watched this but I was impacted by the detailed narration alone.

Unfortunately, talking about it hasn't been enough for our generation. We hear about it; we see footage of it, yet so many of us still lack empathy towards those who have lived a reality that is so far-fetched for so many around the world. This is why this film was appreciated. As someone who doesn't have much of an opinion about hypnosis, I can agree that this project achieved a greater purpose than whatever my opinion could ever be.

It was great to see willing people want to go on this journey and then to watch their reaction on a monitor? That was probably what tied it all in for them. But what sealed their experience through the eyes of a refugee was actually meeting the person who saw and lived that exact reality they just lived through hypnosis. It was when the story was given a name -- 29-year-old Marwa. When Marwa walks out, it becomes real. And it was her real experience that when being shared, will allow for others to gain perspective.

This film speaks on how 'perspective' should be our aim. Perspective gained any way that is available is valuable. It's through perspective, that all that's good and unifying will come.

In an ongoing effort to fight for human rights, Amnesty International Nederland gave us a piece of work that was bold, creative, and touching and also universally fitting in a time such as this.

Sources: Ads of the World, Amnesty International Nederland's YouTube channel

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