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Fueled By Fear

Always x Leo Burnett

Here's one way to fail like a girl:

Based on a study by Procter & Gamble’s Always, "50 percent of girls feel paralyzed by fear of failure during puberty” and “75 percent of girls agree that social media contributes to girls’ fear of failing during puberty." This information lead them to their latest "Like a Girl' campaign alongside Leo Burnett Chicago. Together, they tackled those findings with this touching tribute to teenage girls growing up in an era of 'highlight reels'.

This is why I'm a fan:

We all know and love this 'Like a Girl' ad by Always from a few years back (2014). It tackled the infamous, and quite commonly heard and said, " a girl" insult. Instead of fighting against it; however, the brand decided to "join in" and give it a platform in order to very cleverly tear it down by redefining it into a compliment. It was an ad that very easily touched those who watched considering we have all either heard it or said it.

And what an impressive group of girls, too. The casting can make or break a spot. These girls made this spot shine. The emotions they showed on screen -- so authentic and moving. The diversity all around was brilliant. From the girl telling the story, to the sports and activities they were engaging in. Also the fact they were among boys getting the respect they deserve, as an equal. The build up, from beginning to end, was very nicely executed as it allowed us to witness their confidence take flight.

All in all, bringing on so many 'real looking' girls and using those girls to encourage others just like them with the exact thing that haunts them showed heart and intent. It shows how committed the team behind Always' advertising is. Being fueled by failure instead of having fear of failure is a universal message that resonates to the audience they are targeting but, it's a fact that we can all very much be encouraged by it, as well.


You can either,





Or, you can:





I prefer the latter.

Source: Adweek, Always' Youtube Channel

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