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Let Hope Rise

Alo House x Paradam

Here's one way to embrace the journey:

Alo House -- a drug addiction treatment center in Malibu, California -- brings us a short film, titled “This Is the Journey" to show us the silent struggle of going clean. Working alongside agency, Paradam, they bring an ad that addresses the people suffering from addiction.

This is why I'm a fan:

Could you hear the compassion in the narrator's voice? From beginning to end, the narrator pulls us in his journey. It could be because he has experienced what he's narrating?

Well, the narrator is: recovered heroin addict, Bob Forrest of rock band, Thelonious Monster.

It's an ad that, although intentionally speaking to a specific group of individuals, it gives us all somewhat of a perspective into the lives of those suffering -- whether we see if from the addict's [or recovering addict's] lenses or the lenses of their family members. And it did this without selling people on the recovery center itself. It [intentionally] focused on people and even better, it brought a real connection via a specific person's journey. There's a sense of reverence felt while listening to Bob and seeing the images that are, in essence, 'dark' for those individuals in this predicament.

And when speaking on the darkness? When we see the darkness leading up to the light towards the end, it gives off a sense of hope that almost makes you smile after taking in a deep breath. It also really resonates with Malibu based, Alo House without being obvious. Simply visit their website and you can see the consistency between beaches, light, and tranquility.

Although this ad is about two months old since it's release, it needed to be shared here. It's touching, beautiful and inspirational. And it has a timeless message of how 'not giving up' is a hopeful option.

"We recognize that everyone's journey is their own; We move through life searching for answers, a deeper sense of purpose found within ourselves. With treatment programs designed to heal our entire self, our certified staff is trained to connect with each client on an individual level, not to control them. Discover our compassionate approach to care and recovery."

Click here to read an interview with Alo House’s founder, Evan Haines, who is also a former addict. He covers his personal struggle with addiction, what lead him to build Alo House, among other topics like the opioid crisis our country has been facing.

Sources: Adweek, Alo House's YouTube Channel

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