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A Personal Note From Anna G. Martins On Projects by AG's Announcement

On September 2022, I celebrated a decade of small business ownership. Thirteen if you count the three years of freelancing that came before.

I remember it like it was yesterday...when I officially embarked on my entrepreneurial journey, registering my first business with nothing but my faith and love for what I do. My first business became Global Brand Appeal a Branding and PR company serving clients in entertainment, then rebranded to Aguiarise in 2016, only to morph into what is now Aguiarise Group (the AG in Projects by AG, by the way). To say it was a rollercoaster would be an understatement. But I am so grateful for it all.

Live differently from everyone else in the present so you can live differently from everyone else in the future.

This Dave Ramsey quote became one of my motivators. Nothing kept me more focused than reminding myself that it would all be worth it, not simply for me but for my family. Freedom was my main motivation. Freedom to live the lifestyle I wanted to live with the people I love the most. And to do what I love, the way I wanted to do it as the professional Christ called me to be.

As the business morphed into the "moniker" if you will, Projects by AG, I knew the 'Projects' in the name was going to mean something in the long run. I could see the big picture then, but couldn't see the details from afar, just yet.

That is, of course, until I could a few years later.

With this being said, I am excited to share that...

Projects by AG is now:

a group of four global passion projects in the form of consultancies that partner with clients to help them achieve one thing through their storytelling efforts – a connection with the right people, the right way. wiBecause it is, after all, all about the connection.

So, I introduce to you...

The FOUR consultancy pillars that makeup Projects by AG:

Creative Strategy for Global Ads

Anadify reviews campaign concepts and provides strategic recommendations and creative ideas to ensure the ad will resonate and connect with the right audience, the right way.

Marketing Strategy for Global Films:

Audiencine sends your team a curated document with marketing ideas based on your motion picture’s story, research, and audience insights.

Talent Casting for Global Productions

AGM Casting gets familiar with your unique character breakdown and the production's specific needs and requirements, searches for the best and most appropriate talent around the globe, and sends your production a curated list of suitable talent for your team to choose from.

Artist Development for Global Talent

ANewDistinction (AND) helps multi-talented creatives strategically leverage their many talents to brand themselves as unique brands and connect with their global audiences, meaningfully and authentically.

I turned AG into a house of brands. Now, it consists of FOUR projects that focus on ONE expertise, each.

This way, each brand can live on its own, as part of the Projects by AG family.

A little history...

For most of you that don't know, writing stories for my English teacher while in the Boston Public School System became my first introduction to storytelling. Fast forward to my twenties, when graduating from Bentley University, I dabbed into the world of films by working with film festivals. Essentially, creativity in the form of storytelling on screen reignited what I didn't know back in Mrs. Kennedy's class. (If you haven't heard how this all played out, you can click here to read the backstory.)

The truth is, these two events in my life about 10 years apart singlehandedly (and unknowingly) became seeds. And today about 25 years since that initial seed in Mrs. Kennedy's class, I see it all play out.

So now what, you ask?

Well, I'd love to connect with you and hopefully, support each other's endeavors :)

You can find me on LinkedIn and while you're there, also check out the incredible companies I'm working with in addition to doing what I love via Projects by AG. And if you'd like (I know I would, wink wink), follow @projectsbyag on IG and subscribe to my YouTube channel. I'm gearing up to release some fun content that you won't want to miss!

From my heart, thanks for reading and thanks for being part of this special journey.

Love always,


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