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What True Beauty Looks Like


Here's the best way to showcase beauty:

“It was really fun to look around and find just totally diverse beauty and also get the stories of these women as well because they’ve been truly inspirational.” -- Sophie Galvani, Global Vice President at Dove.

That's the tone of Dove's newest campaign, Real Beauty -- a global campaign celebrating 60 years of real beauty with real women (ages 11 to 71) from more than 15 countries, including, Iran, Indonesia, Germany and Brazil.

This is why I'm a fan:

The brand also takes the opportunity to reaffirm their commitment to real beauty with 'The Dove Real Beauty Pledge' that's found on their website. Here are the three ‘unbreakable vows’ they'll continue upholding for women everywhere:

  1. We always feature real women, never models.

  2. We portray women as they are in real life.

  3. We help girls build body confidence and self-esteem.

A stance brands everywhere should consider...

Source: Dove's Website

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