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Do Your Dream

HP x HP Studios x Electric Dreams Film Company

Here's one way to inspire:

HP is giving us a reason to use their product in this very inspirational and rather emotionally charged short film, Paro. And it's designed to inspire young women to tell their own stories, in celebration of the International Day of Women.

This is why I'm a fan:

HP Studios really nailed it. It's the perfect timing to coincide with International Women's Day but as I always say: A brand can win big when they don't make their content about themselves but about aspects that showcase who they are and what they represent. Well done, HP and team.

This ad had my eyes glued to the screen with my emotions on high alert wanting to know what will happen to little Paro. I will add that I'm a softy when it comes to children [and seniors and animals] so you could argue that I'd have an emotional attachment to the screen and equally, have an emotionally driven response given my sensitivity here. And if that wasn't enough, my imagination also took the best of me. I could see my 2-year-old niece in Paro. (She already loves to explore writing, drawing, painting, and reading.)

What made this ad beautiful was the storytelling in itself. Also, how HP could make a cameo and not overshadow the story. You almost don't realize the role the printer made because the printer wasn't what saved the day; the teacher did. She was the hero who just so happen to make use of a printer to help her out. This reminded me of a speech I heard from this years' 90th Oscars celebrations, by Jordan Peele who accepted the award for Best Original Screenplay -- yes, random. I know. Aside from the similarities with "writing" as in with the character, Paro, here's why I bring it up: Jordan thanked those who helped "raise his voice."

Let's take a moment... Is that not one of the most mind blowing and humbling statements someone can give following a win? 'Dreaming' is something we can all do. 'Doing,' however, is something not a lot will do. And even when 'doing', you can have the talent and the endurance, but you could use support; support from the inner circle that believes in you and elevates you. And in any and every industry: Those who help you raise your voice when you impact them with your gift. These individuals, like the teacher, truly do help us get empowered. And that is why I loved this so very much.

The fact that it was launched in celebration for the International Day of Women, is an icing on the cake. It was a beautiful way to honor women without being preachy, political or with an overly highlighted feminist movement tone. It was simple and powerful. We like creative work that can be powerful and subtle. Here's how subtlety played a role here: Isn't it ironic that in a world where women's voices are being acknowledge and elevated and heard, that silence could speak just as loud?

And how they focused on the next generation, here? Brilliant.

To Sainath Saraban, the writer or Paro: Please don't stop telling stories.

And lastly but certainly not least: Soumi -- the young Paro casted by Anmol Ahuja. YOU, Soumi, made the story come alive.

HP isn't stopping here, though:

To encourage the creation of more stories like “Paro,” HP is partnering with Girl Rising on a seven-month story-driven challenge designed to elevate voices of people around the world advocating for equality. The challenge will run from April through June 2018, with winners announced on International Day of the Girl Child on October 11. Winners will receive micro-grants, HP products and services and access to mentors to help them on their journey.

Click to learn more:

And on another completely different, yet on-topic, note:

I always look at the companies responsible for every #FavoriteAdFriday -- their socials to make sure I tag them appropriately. I have to say that this was the FIRST time, I see more than one of the parties involved, highlight every person that took part in bringing a project to light. Talk about mirroring a message.

Bravo ALL around to this team.

Sources: Globe NewsWire, HP's YouTube channel

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