Are you a busy agency executive that could benefit from gaining more time on your schedule?

Hire A Strategist as Your
Personal Independent Advisor

A trusted global communications professional that will become an extension of your internal team to review your company's marketing documents and proposals, so you don't have to! Gain more time on your schedule and an outsider perspective from a professional with proven experience in multicultural marketing and cross cultural communication.

Global Brand and Communications Strategist, Anna Goncalves, brings over 13 years of experience helping global businesses communicate their messages clearly across their desired markets and demographics. Markets have included, the United States, Brazil, Spain, Africa, Canada, England, and Scotland to name a few.



Adverts, proposals for campaigns/commercials, communications plans, and brand strategy deliverable created internally or those received from ad agencies/PR agencies. Anna acts as the right hand of the top-level executive – providing a non-bias perspective when reviewing deliverables/documents for any given initiative that pertains to marketing/communications while also offering recommendations and suggestions based on con brand and communications strategy, market research and consumer insights.


  1. Knowledge from thorough research to help you and your team grasp how well the proposed advert concepts will resonate with your desired target audience

  2. Culturally based feedback and recommendations on visuals, messaging and creative concepts that will address your company's needs and goals

  3. Well-developed narratives and storylines based on research findings, cultural relevancy, and category trends


Many companies hire Ad Agencies and PR Agencies to execute creative work and/or provide communications strategy (spending an exuberant amount of money). Having someone from the outside – a trusted advisor with experience in communications strategy and thorough research (cultures and consumers) – that can review important brand related deliverables before they are executed will add a valuable perspective that the top-level executive would not otherwise receive from his/her internal team and hired agencies.


In addition to the honest and transparent perspective that has the top-executive’s and his/her company’s best interest at heart (as the priority), there is also the benefit of the top-level executive getting more time in his/her schedule. Anna reviews the documents and provides recommendations based on research and understanding of what your brand/company wants to achieve, so the top-level executive does not have to! With the thorough review presented, the grunt of the work is taken care of.

If you're a C-level executive, President, Vice President, Head of Strategy, Head of Marketing or similar...