Business Conference


Helping businesses communicate their message, effectively.
Anna Goncalves immerses in a business' story to discover who they are at their core and what their mission is. And with the latest insights on their industry and thorough study of their audience, their culture (and the culture they'd like to enter), she provides the best curated assistance/deliverables. Services include:
- Strategy Advising Services
      - Reviewing Marketing and Communications Documents and providing recommendations

- Outsourced Services
      - Brand Strategy Deliverable
      - ​*Communications Plan Deliverable* (3-6 months)
      - Research and Insights (Market; Demographic; Culture)

* Achieving effectiveness and consistency with your communication efforts can be challenging. Anna will put together an easy-to-follow, month-to-month, action plan document that's unique to your business so you can build lasting relationships with you customer and save money, year-round.