Anna Goncalves Martins

"Telling unique stories is by far the most gratifying aspect of what I get to do."


An independent global communications professional with a combined 13+ years of experience in cultural insights, multicultural marketing, and cross-communications.


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"I've realized that engaging in deep conversations with someone about their story is the most gratifying gift you can give someone and the perspective you gain from their storytelling is the most meaningful gift you can receive. Interestingly enough, I get to initiate conversations and experience perspectives, daily, thanks to the career path I carved out for myself."

For Boston, Massachusetts native Anna G. Martins née Goncalves, the concept of 'storytelling' came in the form of writing stories as a middle school student while in the Boston Public School system where going the distance with imagination and creativity were very much part of Mrs. Kennedy's grading system. A decade or so later, She became a full-time student at Bentley University while also working two part-time jobs — an administrative office position and a hospitality, customer service position. It was at Bentley, and during the last year of her studies that she starter to learn more about herself and what she wanted to pursue as a career. But what drove her to think outside of what she "thought" she should pursue was a conversation with a stranger inside an airplane — an honest, no-holds-barred conversation that challenged her. That much older and much wiser human being randomly, yet divinely, came into her life and encouraged her to tap into skills he saw in her during a simple, yet insightful, conversation.

That same year, Anna concluded her studies a semester earlier than her class and during the infamous 2008-2009 recession. During this time, she was very fortunate to have a job lined up. From a part-time Administrative Assistant at a private practice to their very first PR and Marketing Director; Anna held that position for the next year making it her own. Looking back, she thought her entrepreneurial spirit began while holding this position. She would willingly be at work two hours before everyone else in order to leave earlier so she could use the remainder of the day to explore what she really wanted to do. And somehow, history repeated itself — there was a rebirth of that middle school girl. But this time, not as someone who wrote stories, but someone that helped promote stories at Film Festivals. It was volunteering across New England during the Boston Film Festival, Boston International Film Festival, International Film Festival, New Hampshire Film Festival, and Martha's Vineyard Film Festival to name a few, that Anna began exploring some hidden passions that she never thought she had.

Being exposed to independent films for the first time and in that capacity by putting her PR skills to work towards the arts lead her to become drawn to what art and creativity was able to accomplish. It was then, after watching stories come to life, speaking with talent, directors, and audience members from different backgrounds and cultures that Anna began to understand that art could only come alive in it's truest form and have the greatest impact it could have when the writing was powerful and the most appropriate talent represented the stories being told. To this day, it's how she "rates" everything she watches: the writing (story) and the casting (storytellers). This new fascination ultimately lead her to leave her role as Marketing & PR Director and move to New York City to take on a non-paid internship at a Talent PR agency that assisted world renowned-supermodels like Alessandra Ambrosio, Jessica White, and Irina Shayk, among others, in their efforts to expand into their other passions outside of the modelling industry. 

Following this internship, she was offered three roles within the agency; however, she decided to start her freelance journey 'branding talent' on her own. Anna embarked on the career mission to make a correlation between how art moves people and how their stories and their God given talent makes that possible. She began working with local talent and assisting with their career/brand direction. It began with actors and quickly grew into talent in other industries. From there, she tapped into bridging talent to brands (partnerships) in order to combine two stories with similar goals. Working with brands in this capacity later lead her to work directly with them to assist with their storytelling.


Helping Brands

Communicate Their Message, Effectively

Anna immerses in a brand's story to discover who they are at their core and what their mission is. And with the latest market insights and thorough study of their audience and their culture, she provides the best recommendations and creative ideas.